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  • Home: Your dashboard for accessing all surveys, career paths and curated content.
  • My Profile: Use this page to review all of the survey results and the Climb Center research agreement. As you complete surveys across the site, your results will automatically appear on this page.
  • About: Learn more about the climb center and the website.
  • Help: Learn more about how to navigate the website.
  • Contact: Learn more about how to reach out to NLC Climb team.
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Live Support

If you need assistance at any time, or have a question about the climb center, you can use the Live Chat tool (got a question) in the bottom right hand corner of the website. If a support team member is not available, you can also use this tool to send an email to our support team. Leave your name, email and question, and someone on our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


My Profile

Your dashboard for accessing all surveys, career paths and collected resources. You can review your survey results by clicking on the ‘More Details’ links (1) as your results become available (results should be available as soon as you submit one for the various surveys). You can also review the research agreement at the bottom of the page (2). You can also print  your survey results.