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Welcome to the NLC Climb Centre

Where we help you employ your past to find your future.

You have untapped potential. Your past experiences have given you knowledge, resilience, and more skills than you might believe. Despite, any challenges you’ve faced up to this point, if you’re here, you’ve already taken the first step to discovering a better you.

The resources, materials, and surveys at the NLC Climb Centre can guide you as you take control of your destiny, and realize your brighter potential.

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The Northern Lights College Climb Center is a project funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre, designed to understand how to better support mid-career workers and their needs.

You will be asked to create a free account to access the Climb Centre materials, with an option to join the research study.

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To understand how to support mid-career workers and their needs.

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Time commitment

On average 2-6 hours. Self paced 24/7 access.

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Adults (18+) currently residing in Canada.

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How to access

Use either a computer, tablet or smartphone. Requires internet access. Available until October 2, 2021.

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100% free to use.

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Tuition-waived courses:
- College Success
- Trades Math
- Individualized options

Enter the Climb Center

Research FAQ

What is the purpose of the research project?

To understand how to support mid-career workers and their needs.

Am I required to participate in the research?

You can use the Climb website without joining the research. Although, your voice and experience is valuable to this project.

If I say yes what will I have to do?

Answer three short online surveys each less than 20 questions.

How is this research project funded?

Funded by the Future Skills Centre and the Government of Canada.

Why should I join?

Results from this research may lead to the development of programs and strategies that increase the employability of Canadians.

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